How HUBBER works.

The grind. Social media is challenging!

Jewelers, when you are opening your store, setting up your window displays, or checking in new merchandise, what’s on your mind? Pricing the new diamond fashion products or the latest repair job while customers are browsing your cases? At what point do you start thinking about what to post today on social media? For many jewelry store owners, coming up with and creating new social media posts is challenging when there are so many things to do. How can you constantly post on social media and get everything done?
We know. Creating social posts consistently is challenging but, it doesn’t have to be.
Difficult_ ineffective_ costly... which one

Choose the path. Difficult, ineffective, costly... which one? 

Just like many small business owners, jewelers typically choose to post on social media to show the world that they are still relevant and a viable solution for consumers’ needs. Well, the path they choose to get this done is not always easy or convenient but there is a solution.
One common solution owners do for handling social media is to handle it themselves. This is most difficult situation! Along with all of the day-to-day tasks of running a jewelry store like managing your inventory, doing repairs, maintaining the store, and, most importantly, take care of customers, some owners also post on social media when they can.  The result is typically not the best.  Handling social media this way is ineffective and can be stressful.  Are you facing this exact situation?
Another typical solution for keeping your social media profiles updated is to have one of your employees do it. In many cases, this employee is creative, prolific on social media, and is eager to help, but can get easily overwhelmed because it’s not their main responsibility. They need to focus on dealing with customers or managing back-office tasks and, social media often takes a back seat. Again, its a stressful situation and not one that works well.
The jewelry store that wants to make the most of the power of social media either hire an employee or a marketing company to handle multiple social media platforms.  This is a great solution if you have the budget to pay for full-time attention to this marketing avenue but it is typically to expensive for smaller jewelry stores.

A better way. Hubber makes it easy!

Regardless of the situation that you are in, the ready-made content specifically developed for jewelry stores can make handling social media so much easier. We have created tons of posts that can be used on Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms and it comes complete with a caption and trending hashtags. Jewelers and their marketing departments no longer need to grind away creating an on-going flow of content for each platform because we’ve done for you.  Simply find the content you  like then copy and post.  It’s that easy.  If you want to modify the image, all of image assets are made as Canva templates so you can simply click the template link, add you logo or update the image  as much as you like.  
Save time, money, and loads of stress with Hubber.
Hubber makes it easy!
We went beyond social media. SEO!

Extreme value We went beyond social media.  SEO!

For many small business owners, social media is the primary method to advertise their business because that’s all they know. Well, we went beyond social to really bring more value to attract customers organically.
When we set out to be a great ready-made content platform for jewelers, we wanted to exceed your expectations! To do that, we will give you unlimited access to tons of social media posts but also to SEO (search engine optimized) content for your blogs that will do wonders for your organic search results on Google or Bing. Creating great blog content is one that almost all jewelry websites have trouble doing, well, we just made it so much easier!
We understand SEO because we worked on the type of content that will drive your organic search results up so your potential customers can find you. Each blog post is 1,000 words or more and is focused on a specific target keyword that jewelers want to get found for on search engines. Along with that, we even created the featured image to match the blog. Just like with the social media posts, we’ve included everything you need to post highly optimized blogs immediately. Boom!

investment Compare the costs. See the value.

When evaluating anything new, it’s always best to consider all the options, the commitment, long-term viability, and if it fits into your business. Here’s a quick comparison of the different methods businesses use to handle social media and SEO blog posting. It’s not perfect but it can help you determine if Hubber is for you.
Do-It-Yourself Owner

Do-It-Yourself Owner

You, as the owner is creating and posting on social media. This is very time consuming and can be stressful to come up with new content regularly. Typically, social media posting is hard enough so creating great blog posts is even considered.
Part-Time Employee

Part-Time Employee

You have appointed someone on your staff that is good with social media to create posts along with their normal responsibilities. Typically, they are prolific on social media, enthusiastic, and eager but, creating an on-going stream of content can be stressful.
$480-$700 per month
Full-Time Employee/ Marketing Company

Full-Time Employee/ Marketing Company

Having someone focus on developing a great social media presence can be very rewarding but expensive. Typically, only larger companies with large marketing budgets can afford this option.
$1,500-$2,500 per month

Can be a great asset for any size jewelry store or marketing team. Get unlimited access to all content (social media and blog posts). SAVE time and money without any of the stress. No contract. No hassle. Just pure value.
$199 per month

Benefits of using Hubber:

  • Tons of posts available
  • Images formatted in square or wide format
  • Jewelry specific topics
  • Image assets are Canva templates
  • Includes SEO optimized blogs
  • Unlimited access as a member
  • New content developed weekly
  • No contracts.
  • Free trail period to check it out.